benefits of being single

What is the benefits of being single?

While studies have shown that people in a long-term committed relationship tend to live longer and healthier lives, this can be misleading. This tends is  more true for men than it does for women. Additionally a relationship that is highly stressful or combative, obviously won’t allow you to live a longer and healthier life.

Why are relationships, especially marriage, generally more stressful and less beneficial to women than men? Part of this blame can be laid on how our culture views women’s roles vs. men’s roles. Though women have gained a lot, they’ve also lost a lot. On the way to becoming professional equals, many women find themselves still saddled with most of the housework and most of the child rearing. That will add stress and unhappiness to anyone’s life.

Though many men feel the brunt of the responsibility for being the bread winner, being a woman working full time and raising a family and doing most of the housework is still too much. Yet often women feel it’s even more stress trying to get their husbands to help them out some.

In addition to this, women are often still made to feel guilty for taking time out for themselves.

Benefits of being single:

1. You generally don’t get into the procreation loop
Children are wonderful and awesome, but they aren’t for everybody. They also can be incredibly expensive. Women who remain single usually choose not to have children, allowing them not to have to think: “How will this affect the kids” with every decision they make.

2. You can live where you want
Pick up and move across the country if you want, any time you want. You can take a job in a foreign country, whatever. When you’re single and it’s just you, every decision you make only affects you

3. Eat what you want
When you get married often you eat at least one meal together. Generally compromises have to be made on what you eat since you have to account for the tastes of both partners instead of just one. If you get into a Ramen noodle or Mac and Cheese kick, as a single person, this is okay, there’s no one to argue with over it. As part of a couple (especially marriage), if you have Mac and Cheese two nights in a row there is going to be some whining from the other party.

4. Full control of the remote
You can watch what you want when you want.

5. Social Activity
You can participate in social functions without worrying about having to convince your partner to come along. You can stay out as late as you want without having to call to check in.

6. Sexual activity
You aren’t limited to just one person for your sexual encounters. Though it’s wise to always be safe and careful with those you do choose to sleep with, you are not obligated to pick one person and only sleep with that one person forever and ever amen. You can instead choose to remain unattached and have the occasional encounter with those of your choosing.

7. Sleep cycles
You can stay up as late as you want and go to sleep whenever you want. (Though even if you’re in a relationship, it would be wise to do this anyway).

All of these things boil down to the lack of compromise necessary in the life of a single person. Some may say this is selfish, but each person’s life is their own, and why should you spend it having to make too many compromises if you don’t have that big of a need to be in a relationship in the first place? Should you decide to later couple up, keep in mind compatibility issues. The fewer things you have to compromise on, the less stress and resentment any future relationship will have.

Enjoy your single life. Good Luck.


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