online dating – good and bad sides

Online dating has faced plenty of scrutiny and has also been given lots of praise by people who found their mates on dating websitesOnline dating is one of the easiest ways to meet as many singles in a short period of time and it allows you to be in control of selecting and communicating with potential love interests.  Despite being a fabulous tool for connecting singles that are looking for love, online dating has plenty of critics and with good reason; not every online dating experience is positive.  Some people have been targeted and deceived from other dating site members.  Others have spent a lot of money on expensive dating website memberships with the hopes of meeting suitable partners and met no one to their liking.

Online dating comes with many risks but there are also many positive reasons to pursue romance on cyberspace.  Dating websites operate all day and night, unlike bars, restaurants, malls and other businesses where people go to meet singles.  Because dating websites don’t shut down, a single person can browse online dating profiles any time and at their own leisure.  A construction worker looking for love may be limited to meeting people because he works long hours that interfere with his social life.  The availability of online dating means that anyone has a chance at connecting with someone regardless of their working hours.

Events for singles can be awkward and embarrassing experiences for people who are uncomfortable dealing with crowds and strangers.  Dating websites are completely non-threatening because you can be as personal or impersonal as you’d like to be when communicating with the site’s members.  You don’t feel pressured to answer inappropriate questions and you can block shady people from contacting you again through the site.   Having access to a member’s dating site profile is a bonus because you can learn more about them and know which topics to bring up in a conversation and which ones to avoid.

Online dating profiles are like resumes that describe what you are looking for, what you have to offer and your lifestyle and interests.  Some people lie in their online profiles but most people who take online dating seriously have no reason to lie about who they are and what they look like.  Meeting people in person as opposed to meeting them online is no guarantee that they are telling you the absolute truth about their lives.  Nonetheless, people who meet through online dating should be cautious about revealing too much about themselves right away, lest the relationship not work out.  Online dating may not work for everyone but it has worked for many people and could work for you too if you approach online dating with a positive and open-minded attitude.

What about you?


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